Why College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy?

The college is the first of its kind, with psychological training that has a focus on both the (personality/ego/lower) self AND the (soul/higher self) combined with a lot of learning from direct observation of a therapist/client and Qi Gong training so that you stay well while you are a practicing therapist combined with personal transformation work

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Do we overcome something by judging it, condemning it, opposing it or create a win/lose mentality over it?


We overcome it by GROWING, by understanding it more, its place in our lives, by transcending it and moving away from it.

In the Improving Relationship series of workshops Wayno will be teaching how to teach yourself and others to move from seeking success outside of yourself, to reaching inwards and find it within. This is empowering beyond words. In the first workshop “Best Parenting” , you will be shown how to guide yourself, then your children towards felling really good about themselves, regardless if they are not number one or not valued/loved/liked etc OUTSIDE of themselves.

Latest Events

Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness

starts March 18

Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy

starts whenever you start, with the next client viewing seen March 25

Women of Inspiration Retreat Maui

Hawaii: starts Feb 20

Improving Relationships Workshops:

“Best Parenting“- March 11 & 12 – see EVENTS page for more info

A way of teaching where, alongside traditional lectures and workshops, there are multiple sessions of directly observing a SFP therapist assisting a client


From the moment I met Wayne, I knew there was something about him. He just seemed to understand me so much more than anyone else – even more than myself! His therapy gets right to the core of a person’s issues far deeper than anything else I’d experienced. So choosing to study the diploma, to learn how Wayne does it, was an obvious choice. By just being present and observing the sessions I learn something deep and valuable about myself each time.

Luke Wierzbowski
Luke Wierzbowski

This course is highly recommended to you as an introduction to the Universal Laws and Truths which guide spiritual and physical evolution, secondly for the thorough exploration of the psyche/soma or mind/body relationship, and lastly to introduce you to a collective body that can oversee your own personal transformation

Marisa Diegeuz
Marisa Diegeuz

I have found the classes invaluable. The environment is of genuine integrity, non-judgement and truth. Every class I feel like I am the client. I am able to adapt the concepts, learnings and understandings to my own journey, and its a beautiful reminder that we are all on this journey of life together. Thank you.

Kerrie Dixon
Kerrie Dixon