Advanced Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy

Duration: 1 year

Level: Advanced

Location: Bellbrae

After graduating from the Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy, students are then able to expand their knowledge by continuing with the Advanced Diploma. While the Diploma gives students the opportunity to give clients a significant service, and create profound changes, it is the Advanced Diploma that allows students to become truly exceptional psychotherapists.

The course requirements are a continuation of the knowledge, techniques and experiences of the Diploma curriculum. Students refine their skills, as well as deepening and consolidating their understanding of the philosophy and methods that underpin Soul Focused Psychotherapy.

The Advanced Diploma has the same benefits of being self paced, pay-as-you-go, and providing practical, expert experience and coaching.

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Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy

Course Structure

Module 1 – Ego, Soul, Spirit Workshop

Module 2 – Lectures

Lecture 1 – Archetypes / Ego States / Roles We Play

Review of the Diploma level, plus:

  • As the therapist become the archetype and assist the client become the “issue”
  • How to assist coming out of the issue, debriefing
  • Assist the clients different archetypes directly communicate with each other

Lecture 2 – Karma

Review of the Diploma level, plus:

  • How to change karma – continue to suffer or be of service
  • Karma and the levels of consciousness
  • Soul karma

Lecture 3 – Yin (Female) / Yang (Male)

Review of the Diploma level, plus:

  • Assisting clients to achieve higher states of soul consciousness by connecting to their male and female parts / roles / energies and integrating them.

Lecture 4 – Possessions and Entities

Review of the Diploma level, plus:

  • Advanced therapy / practice of the above

Module 3 – Observation of Soul Focused Psychotherapist / Client Session

Students view a Soul Focused Psychotherapist therapy session with a client for one hour. Choose from ongoing Saturday sessions, 9:45 am or 11:30 am. This is followed by 30 minutes of theory, questions and answers in relation to the session. Topics to be covered are the same as at the Diploma level, with more depth.

Module 4 – Personal Soul Focused Psychotherapy Sessions

In these one-on-one personal sessions with a Soul Focused Psychotherapist, students experience being taken through their own issues / growth with a Soul Focused approach and are debriefed at the end of the session in relation to theory covered in Modules 1, 2, 3 and 7.

Module 5 – Qi Gong Training

Diploma level Qi Gong techniques, plus 5 additional series of techniques:

  • Opening energy body through physical movements
  • Opening energy body through energy movements
  • Advanced cleansing (3 techniques)
  • Expanding / Contracting energy body
  • Opening the Heart chakra

Module 6 – Reiki – Level 2

  • Introduction to energy transference for generating healing
  • Receiving attunements
  • Learning to bring universal healing energy to self and others
  • Distance Healing
  • Learning to work with guides
  • Learning to work with the powers of Reiki symbols

Module 7 – Chakras

  • Overview of the Chakra system
  • Explanation of each individual Chakra
  • Colour vibration
  • Main functions and which energy body is activated
  • Main malfunctions and different ways to release
  • Activities to connect, clear and revitalise each chakra
  • How to identify the location of an issue within the Chakra system


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The course will run over approximately 46 weeks of the year, but is flexible to the requirements of each student. You could progress quicker or much slower as all modules have been videoed for private student use if that is preferred or required.

13 modules with 290 contact hours + 910 home study hours (this certification level includes Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy) = 1,200 hours.

Attendance and home study combined requires approximately 15 hours per week but this is dependent on how fast the student is going to complete the course. The Advanced Diploma is designed to be completed in two years.

Modules 1, 3, 5 and 7 are set times of the year.

Modules 2, 4 and 6 are flexible. Students are free to choose times that suit them, so how long it takes to complete the Advanced Diploma will depend upon how quickly they complete and pass all modules.

Module 1Ego, Soul, Spirit Workshop10 hours
Module 2Lectures20 hours
Module 3Observation of Soul Focused Psychotherapy Client / Session75 hours
Module 4Personal Soul Focused Psychotherapy Session5 hours
Module 5Qi Gong Training23 hours
Module 6Reiki – Level 212 hours
Module 7Chakras15 hours
  Total Hours: 160


Completion of the Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy is required to qualify for this course.

Admission is not automatic because a student wants to do the course.

Selection for the training is by individual interview where certain capabilities are required. These are:

  • A strong sense of a call to service
  • Boundary setting is solid
  • Willingness to be flexible with new material/information
  • Personal life is organised, ethical and relatively stable
  • Capacity to understand personal projections and the projections of others
  • Understand that the courses at SFP are both theory content rich AND very experiential so that personal challenges and issues will arise that WILL lead to personal growth.

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