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Getting to the core of unworthiness

Julie was a client that was constantly looking at her actions and behaviours, and she expressed that it felt like there was no way out.  Her issue seemed to be like an onion with layer after layer of content and drama. But she loved that every new descending layer she entered enabled her to develop a new tool to assist in dealing with life. However, Julie was still being triggered into old behavioural patterns, feeling invisible, ignored, worthless, and the disempowered younger self from her childhood was still acting out, operative from emotions she didn’t understand nor could articulate the feeling

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Overcoming addiction to lustful tendencies

For over 30 years an overwhelming part of my client, Molly, desired the physicality of the external male. This desire was causing Molly great internal conflict as the thought of any strong tall handsome man was enough to ignite intense cravings and lustful tendencies. It interfered in her relationships with men.  There was an accompanying sharp, almost cutting, feeling of unworthiness and self doubt because she never did attract these types of men into her life. The  feelings would intensify around ovulation time.   Throughout life the type of male Molly attracted in romantically would never represent the tall handsome muscly man she had always craved. She stayed safe and always went for the “average” types, this was all she ever felt good enough for. In her world why would a handsome masculine man ever choose her, anyway? This presented as a major problem in all relationships. Resentments always built because these men were not what this secret part of her “really”wanted. She

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