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Uncovering unknown sadness

Donna ( not her real name) had been seeing me often and frequently had tears of sadness but would almost immediately laugh as another higher consciousness archetype could see another “take”or perspective other than the sad archetype was experiencing. It became apparent that the charge of the sadness was not ever being fully discharged although she could recontextualise almost any incident that was reviewed or triggered. So I suggested it was time to go in deep to find any past sadness that had charge and when the laughing occurred to accept that there is a higher way of interpreting g

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Using psychotherapy to deal with Intense gynaecological pain.

Using psychotherapy to deal with Intense gynaecological pain. My client Sandra (not her real name) told me a 9 out of 10 painful gynaecological matter was being investigated by standard medical means,  but she felt it to be linked to psychological issues also.  I asked some questions about her relationship to her womb; how did Sandra feel about this region of her body?  She remembered that there had always been an intense and deeply irrational fear of pregnancy and that she did not choose to have children as a result. Sandra closed her eyes and focused inwards on this feeling

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