Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy


Duration: 1 year

Level: Beginner to Very Experienced

Location: Bellbrae

The Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy consists of six modules that students are required to complete. Workshops feature lecture-style learning, group activities and practical experiences.

After all modules are completed, students are required to submit two extensive written pieces that indicate their theoretical knowledge and understanding of Soul Focused Psychotherapy. Students are also required to demonstrate practical knowledge through a video assessment with a volunteer (a more in depth explanation on all assessments is provided upon enrolment).

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2018 Dates

SFP Couch sessions:

January 20 – February 17 – March 24 – April 28 – May 26 – June 30 – July 21 – August 18 – September 22 – October 27 – November 24

Weekend workshops:

May 19/20 – July 14/15

Qi Gong Training:

March 17 – April 7 – April 21/22 (Self-Healing) – May 12 – June 2 – July 7 – August 4 – September 1 – September 8/9 (Dai) – October 6 – November 3 – December 1

Course Structure

The Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy consists of six modules. Each module may be studied separately and in no particular order:

Module 1 – Ego, Soul, Spirit Workshop

The Ego, Soul, Spirit Workshop is a 2-day weekend workshop, which presents a model that examines levels of consciousness experienced by humans, and the traps / pitfalls / breakthroughs that occur between levels of consciousness. Ego (also known as personality or lower self) operates in the levels of shame – the lowest vibration – through guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger and eventually pride – ego’s highest vibration.
Soul (higher self) operates in the levels of courage, neutral, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace and eventually enlightenment.
The workshop focuses more on the theory of the ego or personality levels of consciousness, with overview of the soul levels of consciousness.

Hours: 10

Module 2 – Lectures

Lecture 1 – Archetypes / Ego States / Roles We Play
  • Identifying archetypes: How to bring an archetype to the surface for expression
  • Interact, encourage listening, watch the archetype as the therapist
  • Become that which the archetype has “issue” with
Lecture 2 – Karma
  • The levels of karma operating
  • The nature of karma and how it is created
  • The role of karma in healing and / or suffering
Lecture 3 – Yin (Female) / Yang (Male)

Much of our behaviour can be understood as the interplay of these energies. From the nothing came the one, from the one came the two, from the two came the many. Looking deeply at the nature of Yin/Yang interactions within ourself first, then between two (or more) persons is vital for understanding how change can come about.

This lecture will investigate the difference between Yin and Yang operating principles and their qualities, characteristics, tendencies and operating patterns, and how and when to include this as an approach to therapy.

Lecture 4 – Possessions and Entities

Clients can arrive “affected” by something that feels “not me”. This can be:

  • Voices telling the client what to do or how to act
  • Behaviours not encountered before
  • Desires destructive to self or others

Types of possessions, entities and angels. How to bring them to the surface in a session:

  • Listen to them
  • Talk to them if appropriate
  • Remove them if appropriate

Hours: 20

Module 3 – Observation of Soul Focused Psychotherapist / Client Session

Students view a Soul Focused Psychotherapist therapy session with a client for one hour, followed by 30 minutes of theory, questions and answers in relation to the session.

Topics to be covered include:

Starting the session - eyes open
  • Gaining Rapport with the Client
  • Relating client issues to the chart of “Levels of Consciousness”
  • Conditioning and belief systems
  • Spiritual emergency and crises procedures
  • Approaches specific to client age and stage of development
  • Importance of breathing
  • Understanding of client and therapist personal boundaries
  • Ethics – practitioner responsibilities
Into depth - eyes closed
  • Other people as mirrors in the outer world
  • Use of dreamwork, symbolism and imagery
  • Strategies for breakthroughs
  • Forgiveness / judgement / attachment
  • The art of Surrendering
  • Moving from Victim / Perpetrator to Self empowerment / taking Responsibility
  • Guiding clients into higher levels of consciousness
End of and after session
  • Appropriate homework setting for clients
  • Provision of resources for client support
  • Assessment of progress in follow-up sessions

Hours: 60

Module 4 – Personal Soul Focused Psychotherapy Sessions

In these one-on-one personal sessions with a Soul Focused Psychotherapist, students experience being taken through their own issues / growth with a Soul Focused approach and are debriefed at the end of the session in relation to theory covered in Modules 1, 2, and 3.

Hours: 5

Module 5 – Qi Gong Training

  • 2 moving Qi Gong techniques: Qi Gong Dai, and Self Healing
  • 5 passive / meditative techniques – Absorbing from outer worlds; Microcosmic Orbit; Cleansing; Absorbing from inner world; Balancing Yin and Yang

Hours: 27

Module 6 – Reiki – Level 1

  • Introduction to energy transference for generating healing
  • Receiving attunements
  • Learning to bring universal healing energy to self and others

Hours: 8

Contact Hours

The course will run over 46 weeks of the year.

6 modules with 130 contact hours plus 470 home study hours (= 600 hours).

Attendance and home study combined requires approximately 15 hours per week. The Diploma is designed to be completed in one year.

Modules 1, 3 and 5 are set times of the year. Modules 2, 4 and 6 are flexible. Students are free to choose times that suit them, so how long it takes to complete the Diploma will depend upon how quickly they complete and pass all modules.

Module Description Hours
Module 1 Ego, Soul, Spirit Workshop 10 hours
Module 2 Lectures 20 hours
Module 3 Observation of Soul Focused Psychotherapy Client / Session 60 hours
Module 4 Personal Soul Focused Psychotherapy Session 5 hours
Module 5 Qi Gong Training 27 hours
Module 6 Reiki – Level 1 8 hours
Total Hours: 130

Entry Requirements

Prior training is NOT essential. Admission is not automatic because a student wants to do the course. Selection for the training is by individual interview where certain capabilities are required. These are:

  • A strong sense of a call to service
  • Boundary setting is solid
  • Willingness to be flexible with new material/information
  • Personal life is organised, ethical and relatively stable
  • Capacity to understand personal projections and the projections of others
  • Understand that the courses at SFP are both theory content rich AND very experiential so that personal challenges and issues will arise that WILL lead to personal growth.

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