Providing Diplomas in Psychotherapy and Meditation that are relevant, practical, and includes the most recent breakthroughs in their fields


Providing Diplomas in Psychotherapy and Meditation that are relevant, practical, and includes the most recent breakthroughs in their fields

Why SFPCollege?

Unique Content

The college is the first of its kind, with psychological training that has a focus on both the lower (ego) self AND the higher (soul) self.

This is  combined with a lot of learning from direct observation of a therapist/client, and Qi Gong training.

Geelong Based

The College is based in the Geelong and Surf Coast region. However if students are unable to attend the scheduled training, viewing recorded training at the SFP College can occur anytime that is convenient for the student. This makes the course accessible to distance education students.

Upcoming g workshop

Sacred relationship 2 day workshop June 15/16 2019

Wayno, the facilitator, has a 10 year partner relationship with Sally Louise with NO arguments. Both get to voice preferences and differences WITHOUT any forcing, manipulation or coercion. Let’s explore together how this is possible and how you can achieve this. It’s the same situation in his relationship with his four children, one remaining parent and friends. No arguments. How do we have relationships with others and experience NO disappointments, resentments or frustrations? Throughout these two powerful days you will find out. 

This weekend is designed to assist you improve and enrich your current relationships that you have in your life, be it with your SELF,  children, partner, parents, family, work colleagues or friends. Wayno lives on the Surf Coast and is an international psychotherapist, working in Europe, USA and Asia with individuals and groups. Some of the many areas we could explore are how to

  • be a better listener and how to be more present
  • improve communication and have less reactivity
  • shift old learnt patterns of destructive behaviors
  • stop endlessly pleasing or controlling others.

Let’s move from a life with struggle, chaos, lack, neediness, victim, blame, frustrated/angry, comparing, etc  and move into a life of connecting, enjoying, sharing,communicating, growth and love/joy.

All Wayno’s workshops/retreats are intuitively delivered, unique to those attending. Like his retreats, it doesn’t matter how many you have attended, there will always be new information, depth, connection and insights. You DO NOT have to be in a current parent or partner relationship to attend.  There is an opportunity during the Sunday to talk about “Intimate Sacred Relationships”

“This exploration into communication and connectedness and looking at my blockages , gave me deep insight and understanding of how I relate to others and how when I have these powerful shifts in my inner world , my outer relationships dramatically improve.“       Katie Dwyer

Where/times…. Bellbrae 10 am to 4.30 pm each day

Here are two comments from last weekends workshop 

From Leah Minchin, a first time attendee .”Thank you for an incredible day. It was delivered in a unique way, from a place of absolute truth that penetrated deeply into my soul. The opportunities for reflection and absorption allowed time for the teachings to be absorbed. I was amazed at the amount of laughter and joy throughout instead of the expected seriousness of teaching, which gave a deeper level of authenticity to the experience. Your teachings are life changing, thank you deeply.”

And from Marisa Jose , a Psychotherapist, Yoga and Qi Gong teacher who has been to many of Wayno workshops “It was the best day of my life”


In 2017, Steve Tappin, CEO of England company Xinfu, had some private sessions with Wayno. Steve and his team work in partnership with some of the worlds top Fortune 100 companies to build inspiring and purposeful companies that generate super returns. He is recognised as a world leader in transforming these companies. Wayno was asked to be Xinfu’s Psychotherapist and Qi Gong trainer and to bring to a wider world community the SFPCollege way of working with individuals and groups. Wayno is now responsible for assisting each company’s CEO and executive team to reach their individual highest potential and to facilitate workshops to create a “fellowship”approach in business. Two day and three day events build a united approach that ripples across the organisation, creating a world class pioneering fellowship in that industry. With the advent of easy access via Facetime and Skype, Wayno is now bringing SFPCollege practices to clients in Africa, America, Asia and across Europe.

About the College

Wayne Linton

Wayne Linton

Founder and Director

Wayne is Founder and Director of the College.

What are the “couch sessions”, why is it included as part of the Diplomas and what is its value?

Before the SFP College was created, psychologist and therapist clients of Wayno would ask “Can I please bring difficult clients of my own to see you and be present in the session to see what you do and how you do it?” Being present during the unfolding of the psychotherapy proved to be very popular so it was trialled as part of the course and became a central pillar of learning. For the last six years two couch sessions per month have been made available for students to attend. Some students who attained their Diplomas back in 2011 are still attending because of the immense value of the experience.

As a student watching these couch sessions, I get to sit in the space of a therapist working in an emphatic, intuitive and compassionate way and to see the personal transformation this has on each client is amazing! Sometimes I personally relate to the issue being unravelled and as Wayne does that with the client my own issue is addressed at the same time. Being present at these sessions, I feel graced to be a part of a heartfelt connection with each client and it feels like I am supporting them through the journey. This is great preparation for when I eventually open my own doors to clients.

Jacqui de CoqueSFPsychotherapist

What is Qi Gong training, why is it included as part of the Diplomas and what is its value?

Wayno personally experienced a severe energy depletion in 1996 whilst doing a lot of Psychotherapy, Kinesiology, Reiki and Hypnotherapy in his private practice. It would have been unwise to continue unless he found a way of improving his energy field. A Chinese Master came into his life, one that had travelled extensively throughout China finding many teachers of Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese Medicine. The Master collated all techniques and created a system to bring to Australia and teach. Wayno has been learning from Master Lou for nearly twenty years and has progressed to becoming a recognised Master in the tradition himself. Qi Gong level 1 training is a series of techniques, some sitting and some moving, that builds abilities to improve the quality and quantity of personal Chi or energy you have to run your life. It also activates your intuitional abilities so you can “read” into a situation much more clearly. Qi Gong gives you improved resilience when emotions are being released from clients. Psychotherapy in general has a high rate of therapist burnout, but with Qi Gong training SFP therapists are trained to have compassion AND protection from being unduly influenced by the released energies during client sessions.

Before incorporating Qi Gong into my life, I found it difficult to maintain the energy required to be a therapist. I now not only have more energy for my clients but I have vastly increased insight into their issues and the ways to help them clear and transcend issues. Sometimes answers just come to me, as Qi Gong helps me replace old mind “thinking” and trying to work it all out, with intuitive guidance.

Steve TibbitsSFPsychotherapist

Who studies the Soul Focused Psychotherapy and Meditation Diplomas?

Currently there are students enrolled that are employed in acting, architecture/building, social work, chiropractor, kinesiology, reflexology, housewife/mother, nurse, myotherapy and many other fields. Some have Psychology degrees and some are studying post high school for the first time. Any one with an interest in helping themselves or others through listening, supporting and guiding is VERY warmly welcomed at SFPCollege.

Claire Rose

I have found the classes invaluable. The environment is of genuine integrity, non-judgement and truth. Every class I feel like I am the client. I am able to adapt the concepts, learnings and understandings to my own journey, and its a beautiful reminder that we are all on this journey of life together. Thank you.

Claire Rose
Luke Wierzbowski

From the moment I met Wayne, I knew there was something about him. He just seemed to understand me so much more than anyone else – even more than myself! His therapy gets right to the core of a person’s issues far deeper than anything else I’d experienced. So choosing to study the diploma, to learn how Wayne does it, was an obvious choice. By just being present and observing the sessions I learn something deep and valuable about myself each time.

Luke Wierzbowski
Marisa Diegeuz

This course is highly recommended to you as an introduction to the Universal Laws and Truths which guide spiritual and physical evolution, secondly for the thorough exploration of the psyche/soma or mind/body relationship, and lastly to introduce you to a collective body that can oversee your own personal transformation.

Marisa Diegeuz