Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness

Duration: 120 Hours

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Location: Bellbrae

Meditation has been used for thousands of years as a tool for self-realisation and attaining peace. It is now rising in popularity in Western society as an antidote to stress and anxiety, and helping access states such as love and joy awaiting within. By many it is recognised as perhaps the most powerful and natural path to all-round wellbeing and happiness in the world.

Wayne Linton has been teaching meditation techniques for over 20 years and is now sharing his knowledge in a unique meditation course through the College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy.

The course is composed of 10 one day modules, a 2 day retreat, 25 meditation evenings and 3 personal one on one sessions over the duration of the year where students will learn and practice varying meditation techniques and how to guide and educate future students in the art and disciplines. Upon graduating, students will be qualified to teach their own classes that will assist others in reaching deep states of consciousness, understanding the mind and emotions, control and let go of negative states of being, and live a more peaceful and joyful life.

If students miss one or more modules they can watch the video of the module and hand in the worksheet required. This means that the course can be completed in the year that it is started.

Enquire about this Course

If you are interested in this course or would like more information, please contact Wayne to discuss your options

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2020 Dates

10 Modules:

March 21 – April 26 – May 16 – June 13  – July 18 – August 22 – September 12 – October 17 – November 28 – December 12

If you are unable to attend any of these, they are all on video so you can watch them anytime.

Retreat dates: (you only need to attend one)

May 2/3    OR   Nov 14/15