Finding an entity in Gerard

Digging deep into the subconscious to become aware of how we trap ourselves into self-destructive cycles is the key for change. Gerard had done some work on his shame and guilt but it was still kicking around somewhere inside of him . He had recognized he had this long standing ‘need to please’ his partners, more than to stay well himself. Here’s how the session unfolded:

Something deep inside was being held onto, like something else or someone else was taking over him at certain times. The constant ‘need to please’ was putting his soul’s own needs to the background. 

As the session went deeper Gerard discovered this ‘need to please others’ didn’t actually really feel like it was of him but rather something that had invaded or entered him. He described it as if it was actually another entity living inside him, looking to please ‘it’s’ urges through him. It was constantly looking for intimate touch and to get that, the feeling of having to please would arise. “Up until now I just behaved in this pleasing way with no control over it. It was just too subconscious for me to understand and watch as a witness, but when I could with your assistance, everything started to change” said Gerard later. 

Gerard was greatly relieved when, digging deeper into his psyche with his eyes closed, it became apparent that the feelings were not him wanting  to excessively please but instead it was actually another intelligence living through him, wanting that. 

Gerard was able to trace back to the event that led to him attracting the entity to him and to then take full responsibility for that event. He watched it leave his energy field, knowing now that it was his karma to attract it in. Now he was aware enough of all the dynamics at play for it to be able to leave. 

Upon leaving I suggested that he be very mindful of not repeating behaviours that let it in and to keep doing qi gong to build his energy field will greatly assist that. 

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