Overcoming an internal condemning voice

Chloe (not her real name ) presented with a deep fear of people seeing her art work. She had completed an Arts Degree and enjoyed creating but felt very held back by an inner dynamic that seemed to condemn her work. When it was either time for an exhibition or someone would ask to view her work, she froze and became very anxious. So I asked her to close her eyes and I became Chloe, the one that is the artist and she became the condemning voice putting me down for my efforts in creating art. The putdowns were verbally expressed out loud and together we explored whether or not this with someone from her past, a teacher, father, mother or a condemning external authority figure, but it didn’t appear to be. Instead, it seemed to be her own inner self critic or judge and with each passing statement we got a sense that it was a scientist archetype who was condemning the artwork because it was not objective enough and people may not like it because it was too subjective. I asked this part for more context and it started to explain that at high school we loved the science room with the taps, sinks and white lab coat and this part thought it was going to go on and have a science field career. When I asked what it would do, the scientist replied that it would have loved to have had a project working at a cellular level breaking through in research to help humanity. The scientist felt hard done by that a career in art had been chosen by some other part of Chloe. It was continually putting down the artwork because it was annoyed it wasn’t having any expression. I suggested that it felt like this part was not going to be able able to be expressed in this life time because it would take too much effort and time to go back to University and study and then undertake research. Chloe’s current lifestyle was not going to support that. Instead, I asked the scientist would she consider waiting for the next lifetime when science and technology would have developed enormously and she would be able to research in a more profound and deep way than what was currently available. There was a huge smile and deep release of tension. I emphasized from now on it wasn’t about competition and unrealised dreams which all creates inner stress and bickering, but about taking it in turns and having a win/win attitude between scientist and artist. This seemed to really settle the scientist and there appeared to be agreement and the scientist immediately stopped putting down the artist. I suggested perhaps we could buy some scientific magazines or journals to satisfy the curiosity and was told this was already happening but maybe we could look into buying some more to satisfy the scientists ongoing curiosity and interest in science matters. The client then became her artist self and the scientist went into the background and she felt really very different on the inside and looking forward to showing her work. I have seen over the years of doing this soul psychotherapy deep work with clients that some archetypes are very distant or incongruent with other archetypes and in some cases are even negative or aggressive to each another within the personality of the client. This creates friction and constant stress and it can be hard to make a decision or get on with life with these competing archetypes.There is a whole day training for Soul Focused psychotherapists to understand archetypes and how to help clients empty out the negative charge and then to connect them together in a deep and congruous way.