Using psychotherapy to deal with Intense gynaecological pain.

Using psychotherapy to deal with Intense gynaecological pain.
My client Sandra (not her real name) told me a 9 out of 10 painful gynaecological matter was being investigated by standard medical means,  but she felt it to be linked to psychological issues also.  I asked some questions about her relationship to her womb; how did Sandra feel about this region of her body?  She remembered that there had always been an intense and deeply irrational fear of pregnancy and that she did not choose to have children as a result.
Sandra closed her eyes and focused inwards on this feeling of fear of pregnancy.  Laying  down comfortably and closing her eyes, a series of different images started to appear in her inner world.  Images of being in child birth and it wasn’t going smoothly.
Sandra later said “I watched two of these images in great detail.
In these inner images, I had been in labour for hours and the head of the child was out but nothing would shift the rest of the child.”
At the same time that Sandra was watching these inner experiences, old pain, frustration and exhaustion flowed through and out of her along with sounds of groaning.
Later, Sandra offered “In these inner experiences those around me at the childbirth were going into panic and I was making the same sounds as the sounds I was now making in therapy. I started fading as I drifted towards what seemed like death. Death ensued in this “scene”. I was released from the wracking pain.”
Then Sandra entered the second and last scene and it was deeper and more powerful.  She slid into this scene like a kind of homecoming and seemed to know this place well. Squatting in a flowering meadow, she was again giving birth as part of a Native American Indian tribe.  New sounds started coming out of her as she rocked, shook, sang and wailed.
Sandra later commented ” If was like it was coming out of me but not “of” the  me that I identify myself as now. I was listening and participating simultaneously.  The birth, again not flowing smoothly.  Stuck.  A knowingness of imminent death.  Pangs of pain with the little being inside me becoming distressed and the wracking grief of being parted from my lover. Grasping to hold life.
Energy waving through me.  Feeling my pelvis tingling and my third eye pulsing. So many different feelings and energies waving through me.  Wayno’s energy ever present with a gentle loving hand on my tummy, anchoring me in the room and holding me through wave after wave of energy release.”
Sandra’s back started spasming as she entered this scene deeply. She seemed to know how to surrender  to the process where her body knew exactly what to do.  “I was seeing the beauty of life AND death, side by side. Prior lives that had anything to do with childbirth flicked past me. Understanding was opening.  Knowing that connections are never broken, only shifting in form.” She later said. Then a deep laughter emanated from Sandra, a kind of celebration that the energy has dissipated.
Postcript: Following this session, Sandra let me know 3 days later that the physical issue has largely resolved, requiring no further medical intervention. The physical pain is now tenderness; barely noticeable.

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